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Where is Villa Jean Martin situated?

At the lake of Zeekoevlei, a nature area near Muizenberg on the beautiful and warm Indian Ocean side of the Cape Peninsula, distance from Cape Town (highway) 16km, from the airport 14km, from the Stellenbosch Wine Route 33km and from Cape Point 35km. Distance from the beach 4km. Our GPS with home: Zeekoevlei and all other beautiful spots is at your disposal.

Is the location of interest to me/us?

Yes, if you wish to explore one of the most beautiful parts of the world from the tranquility and luxury of your own place. Cape Town is a cosmopolitan city with many cultures, splendid beaches, a beautiful environment with many restaurants and shops (with low prices), good entertainment and nightlife, and hase a sunny, Mediterranean climate. It is a golfer's paradise (Google to Golf Cape Town). There are 8 golf courses within a radius of 10 km. Bird watching, tennis and sailing are just around the corner, the beach 4km and wine tasting at a distance of 20km.

How about safety and security?

Cape Town is safer than Johannesburg. Zeekoevlei is known as a safe area. Neighbours of ours have no gates, no burglar-barred windows and have been living there for 14 years without any problems. Most crime is in and around the city. To be on the safe side though, we have premises protected by walls, burglar-barred windows, an alarm system connected to a security company and there is a police station 3km from the house. We feel safe.

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